Odesa Film Office
Odessa Film Commission
The official city organization that promotes and
adapts Odessa for filming, and also provides
consulting services in the field of film production.
Unique locations for filming
A selection of Odessa city locations with photos, descriptions and panoramas.
More than 2000
unique locations and scenic spots
Odessa, with its unique color, picturesque landscapes and rich architecture, was born for cinema. That is why the city has always been the subject of keen interest of filmmakers in Odessa, and films have begun to be filmed here since the appearance of this art and continue to be filmed.
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Odessa is the city where cinema was born.
It was created for cinema.
By its very nature, Odessa is very cinematic. Maybe because it is
in itself one big movie: in city pictures, people, street scenes.
Odessa has everything
for filming
Odessa is a versatile city with its unique architecture, well-developed infrastructure, favorable climate and extensive service for a cinema photographer
The legendary movie pictures
were shot in Odessa
Directors from different countries have been coming to the city for the second century and are making numerous films here. In some, Odessa itself is a character, in others it is given to other cities in the world.
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